Lantern Batteries

All Rayovac Lantern and Barricade batteries are manufactured with no mercury added are guaranteed against leakage and meet EPA requirements for landfill disposal. Rayovac offers a complete line of Lantern and Barricade batteries for long-lasting life in all of your industrial applications
Product #DescriptionEaQuantity
620-6V-HD42150 6V Spring Terminalbatt Indust Lant2.26
620-6V-GP42135 6V Gp Indust. Lantern Battery W/Spring Te3.85
620-6V-HDM6V Lantern Battery W/Spring Terminal Industrial4.07
620-8066-Volt Max.Alkaline Lantern Battery Spring Term.12.22
620-91818689 6 Volt Screw Terminal General Pur12.66
620-92620628 12 Volt Screw Terminal General Pur193.71
620-90316576 7.5V Emergency Battery Screw Termi36.60
620-8037.5-Volt Screw Term Alkaline Emerg. Lantern Bat38.37
620-944A6 Volt Spring Terminal Heavy Duty Battery4.48