Alkaline Reclosable Batteries

Better for the environment - mercury and cadmium free formula. Date coded packaging. Dependable performance - for "must work" applications. Guaranteed against leakage. Longer storage life. Industrial contractor reclosable packs
Product #DescriptionPkQuantity
620-ALAAA-18Rayovac Alkaline AAA Size Reclosable 18/Pk8.22
620-ALAA-24Alk AA Contractor 24/Pk9.99
620-ALAAA-24Alk AAA Contractor 24/Pk11.00
620-AL9V-8Rayovac Alkaline 9V Sizereclosable 8 Pack 8/Pk14.14
620-ALD-12D Alkalina Battery Reclosable 12/Pk14.89
620-ALAA-48FAA Alkalina Battery Reclosalbe 48/Pk19.04