Repair damaged or welded galvanizing. Weld-thru fast dry meets ASTM A780. Brite silver matches hot-dip
Helps feed all mild steel fabricated and core wires. Cuts rust and reduces wire drag 60%. Great for longer distance feed
Cleans wire and reduce burnback 50%
Excellent cooling properties for longer tip and nozzle life. Can dip hot or cold gel will not migrate into liner. Non flashing biodegradable paintable and non-toxic
Engineered to remove spatter without scarring nozzle tip or gas diffuser areas without disassembly. Ground and hardened to 55rc
Solvent-based paintable and non-flammable. Protects nozzles diffusers and tips. Smoke and odor free
Outstanding fixture protection. Excellent for stainless steel. Non-flammable paintable no fluorocarbons and ozone friendly
Economical and safe. Biodegradable non-toxic & paintable. Can be frozen
Solvent-based paintable and non-flammable. Protects fixtures parts and clamps. Smoke and odor free