Prevents rust formation even after extended period of storage in open yards. Ease of striking the arc directly on the coating - need no removal/cleaning prior to welding. Being aluminum based - it ensures x-ray quality weld - as aluminum acts as a scavenger. Does not create hazardous fumes or odor upon welding on the coating. Save $ $ $ as no secondary weld preparation such as grindng/sand blasting needed
16:1 distance to spot ratio. Four digit backlit dual display. Laser sight switchable. Electronic trigger lock for continuous measurement. Low-battery indication and auto power off. A built-in jack for a K-Type thermocouple probe
Simple - no gauges or electronics. Easy to use. Greater density. Holder provides strong grip on the chalk avoiding slippage. Maximizes user efficiency in completing the application. Holder engineered for smooth operation. Most can be certified lead and sulfur free