BM soaks up oil water coolants solvents double perfed
Allwik for oil water based and chemical spills. Tough secure and highly visible this top quality screw topped over pack drum meets UN and DOT specifications. For large spill response
Ideal for environmental applications. They are comprised of the best available basic meltblown polypropylene. ENV Oil Sorbents are packed in distinctive green bags and are the obvious choice when you need low cost plus high performance. Economy medium weight. For use with oil and petroleum based fluids
General purpose maintenance pads can be used to clean up virtually and liquid. Constructed of high quality dimpled universal polypropylene. Gray in color to help hide the dirt. Economy weight
Built for durability and high absorbency. This universal sorbent is tough enough for even your forklift traffic. Medium weight double-perfed
Is highly effective for cleanup and removal of oil and water-based liquids. A gray dimpled material combining thickness, strength and high absorbency, low-linting. Perforations contribute to economy by allowing the user to take precisely the right amount of material to do the job. The dirt masking gray color fosters longer use before disposal. For use with oil and water-based fluids. Heavy weight, perfed every 15" & up center
Allwik for oil water based and chemical spills. Efficient space saving single use kit packed in puncture and UV resistant foil bag. Hang anywhere from grommet
For basic drips & spills. Netted construction ™ for extra durability. Re-Form material™s unique composition gives users an environmentally friendly sorbent that absorbs up to 50% more than traditional meltblown polypropylene sorbents
Perforated ™ use only what you need. Re-Form Plus material has the same absorbency performance as the basic Re-Form material but adds a spunbond coverstock making it ideal for handling foot traffic and wiping applications
SIR absorbs up to ten times its weight in oil water or chemicals. Prevents slippery areas and eliminates unsightly tracking between plant and office