Milwaukee® Electric Tools

2-finger trigger switch. Variable speed/reversing. All metal gear case and diaphragm. 360™positive lock side handle. Modular brush card design. All ball and roller bearings. Grounded
Soft-grip handle. Metal gear and transmission housing. Ergomomically balanced center grip. Forward/Reverse rocker switch
Burst Resistant Guard - positive detents hold the guard in place
Durable magnesium blade shield deflects hot metal chips and sparks. Integral chip tank efficiently collects waste for easy clean-up. Depth of cut is for one-pass through most metal stud grating panel and decking. Exclusive quick-release blade shield latch for convenient chip disposal and blade changes. Convenient guard retraction lever for plunge cuts
Bi-Metal blades outlast conventional blades up to-3 times requiring fewer blade changes. Extremely hard and uniform tooth point is electron beam welded to a tough durable backing with high life for faster cutting longer blade life. Designed with varying set angles and gullet depths to break up the harmonic vibrations generated in cutting resulting in smoother quieter cutting and longer blade life
Heavy-duty aluminum gear cases. Strong lightweight glass reinforced nylon motor housings and handles. High efficiency fans. Long life brush system. All ball and roller bearings. Ball bearing mounted armature. High impact resistant tool rest. Helical cut alloy steel gears and shaft
High shoulder protects teeth and increases blade life. Hardened alloy steel body ensures straight accurate cuts and resists bending. Extra thin kerf blade provides faster more precise cuts. Specially engineered heat vents and expansion slots