Fast evaporation. No rinsing and no residue. Low odor. Inverted spray valve. Uses include delicate electrical and electronic parts and painted surfaces
Increases chain and wire rope life. Effective under extreme temperature and pressure ranges. Deep penetration to the core of wire ropes. Reduces wear caused by friction and corrosion. Lubricant and corrosion protectant
95% zinc-rich galvanized coating. Works as a hot dip on ferrous metals indoors and out. Withstands water temperature up to 212Â? F (100Â? C) and continuous dry heat up to 750Â? F (400Â? C). Flexible coating will not yellow chalk crack or peel. Electrochemically protect bare metal. Dries in 3 - 5 minutes
Prevents seizure up to 1800Â? F (982Â? C). Lead free. Protects against seizure heat-freeze galling rust and corrosion. Cushions impact and shock loads. Will not run drip or settle out. Not affected by contraction expansion or vibration. Permits reuse of fittings saves stud bolt and nut replacements. Reduces wrench torque
Dry film will not attract dust or dirt. Nonflammable. Colorless thin film. Provides excellent lubrication. Excellent for releasing molded parts in high temperatures or pressures. Does not contain chlorinated solvents
Nonflammable. Fast penetration. Quick evaporation. Nonconductive. Safe to use on most surfaces. No rinsing and no residue. Cleans/degreases delicate mechanisms. Ideal for electrical/electronic fine parts. Removes light greases oils dirt and organic soils. No ozone depletion potential. Penetrates into minute spaces. Superior wetting action
Harmless to most rubbers and plastics. Wide effective temperature range . Excellent release agent and lubricant for all surfaces. Convenient 360Â? spray valve - can be sprayed from any position
Fortified with molybdenum disulfide. Provides a quick-drying thin film. For assembly and break-in lubrication. Works under high temperature: 842Â? F (450Â? C) and pressures: 100 000 psi (6890 Bars). Prevents seizure of parts. High adhesion. Excellent for cables. Not recommended for friction bearings or light-duty bearings
Nonflammable. Nonconductive. Quick penetration. No residue. Low odor. No rinsing. Heavy-duty action removes oil grease wax dirt moisture tar brake fluid and other contaminants
Colorless and odorless. Dry nonstaining. Eliminates sticking binding and squeaking. Excellent lubricity. Ideal for rubber and plastic surfaces. Safe on most surfaces. Silicone-rich formula. Water-based formula