Reduces machine wear and improves band saw tool life. Surfaces can be welded or painted over. Gentle to operators' hand: does not remove all oil from skin. Does not contain chlorine sulfur silicone petroleum oils or sulfonates. Biodegradable
Flexible shock resistant teeth that resists heat and are virtually unbreakable
Tuff Tooth™ bi metal reciprocating blades are shatter resistant their teeth retain their sharpness and they cut fast. All reciprocating blades are of bi metal material which means they cut stronger faster and longer
Thicker and with the Tuff Tooth™ design for the toughest cutting applications. Enhanced beam strength that reduces blade deflection and twist. 8% cobalt high speed cutting edge resists higher cutting temperature. An addition 30% in width of the tool steel tooth makes for stronger teeth and less tooth strippage on most difficult cutting applications
The wide rigid carbon steel blade with hardened teeth will breeze through any diameter plastic pipe wood and nail-embedded wood. Heavy-duty lightweight aluminum handle features a comfortable hand grip and large opening for maximum finger clearance allowing room for work gloves
Unique tooth shape evenly distributes cutting force over a wider area of the tooth. Patented variable tooth set and height ensure that each tooth works independently with super efficiency. Virtually indestructible
Feature high speed steel construction and steam oxide coating. Patented design two cutting flutes allow for clean burr-free holes. Cust through materials faster than standard bits. Eliminates the problem of tip breakage on standard drill bits