Reduce voltage drop. Apply up to 2,000 lbs. (907kg) pressure with the heavy duty pressure screw. The “G” and G-1500 are cast out of a heavy alloy material designed for high amperage applications. The design maximizes surface contact area which provides cool and efficient operation. The G-1500 can also be used with LENCO’s R-4C & LRG Series Rotary Grounds (see pages 10-11).
The LT-250/400 design minimizes exposed screws, internal metal parts or any current carrying members in the holder for added user safety.
LENCO cable lugs are precision made from copper tubing. They have an extra long barrel for easy soldering or attaching by the swedg-on process. The stud holes are made especially for welding machines with plenty of clearance. Flared ends make it easy to insert the cable in the lug.
Wire Spring Handle - Drop Forged, Heat-Treated Heads - Welded-on Heads Can't Come Loose
Molded high impact thermoplastic handles are bright yellow with an easy-to-find look. The high impact resistance of these molded handles outlasts wood handles. “LOCK-JAW” WEDGE holds the hammer head on the handle with a tremendous grip. Reduced Impact Sting-Splinter Free-Safety Yellow Color-Forged Steel Heads-Ringed Handle End Raises Handle for Easy Pick Up.
Cut circles or straight lines with any oxyfuel cutting torch. Equipped with two wheels and centering pin This handy tool is ideal for shop or maintenance department that must occasionally cut circles or straight lines but where expensive equipment is not practical. MAGNETIC HOLDING BASE for Model CB-20 or Model CB-30 Circle Burner Magnet with 16 lbs.(7.3kg) direct pull holds centering pin in place, frees your hand and allows you to focus your attention on the torch. (Caution: Magnet should not...
LENCO connector terminals offer you the advantage of quickly connecting or disconnecting welding cable at the power source. LDCT-50FA/FS are designed for male Dinse type connectors. • Add On Cable • Take Off Cable • Change Polarity Connector terminals are used in place of solder-type lugs and secured directly to the studs of the welder. The male half of a LENCO cable connector is attached to welding cable and is inserted into the terminal.
Duro has produced dependable and efficient holders since 1932. They are lightweight and perfectly balanced to make working less awkward no matter where the weld must be made. The jaws are made with a unique internal tension design which is extremely durable. The positive energy saving grip of the jaws holds large or small electrodes equally well. All parts are easily replaced using a screwdriver and wrench.
A good ground connection is just as important in a welding circuit as the holder and the cables. A good ground clamp reduces energy costs, extends cable life, helps produce consistent welds and allows ground location to be easily changed.
Replacement parts for all LENCO electrode holders are available and easily installed. Sele ct the parts you need from the illustration. Part names are shown below and the part number is under the holder number in the same column.