J.W. Harris

An all-purpose, low temperature flux for use in silver brazing most ferrous and nonferrous metals except aluminum, magnesium and titanium. Stay-Silv® Brazing Flux is an organic fluoride type flux
Use with Stay-Brite solders or practically any other solder with a liquidus temperature below 700° F. Can be used when soldering practically all metals other than aluminum, magnesium or titanium. Not recommended for use in electrical or electronic applications
Stay-Clean Paste soldering flux is superior flux for most metals including copper, brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel, galvanized and monel (not recommended for aluminum, magnesium or titanium). Stay-Clean Paste soldering flux meets commercial spec. A - A - 51145C, Form A. Stay-Clean Paste soldering flux should not be used for electrical or electronic applications
Tin/lead solders are excellent where pre-placement of solder is required for furnace and/or automatic soldering applications. Caution: Lead-bearing solders are not to be used in potable water systems