Made of quality single ply fabric reinforced Grade R hose
UL listed regulators manufactured of solid brass and made for rugged use. Specially designed conical seat and a neoprene diaphragm. The inlets have filters to prevent dirt from entering the regulator. B cylinder connection
Economical soldering kit. Adjustable feather flame tips. Screw-in design handle and tips. Kits matched to different tip & tank sizes
Very hot turbine flame with adjustable valve . Lights with the squeeze of a button. Replacement tip end. Cylinders Sold Separately
All brass regulators used with propane torches and furnaces. Use only with vapor withdrawal cylinders. UL listed with POL inlet spud and nut
Complete tip, medium preheat
Ideal for soft soldering and heating. Tips have a removable filter and orifice. Replaceable tip ends
Features Turbine action target tips. Used for commercial brazing and soldering. Snap-in design handle and tips
UL listed torch and regulators. Stainless steel needle valves. Durable forged bodies, quality tips. Interchangeable with Victor® style